Enable rbenv in Sublime 3

I’m using Sublime 3 for my rails projects. There is annoying issue with it, it doesn’t work with rbenv out-of-box. If you open ruby file in Sublime 3 and try to build it with ruby build system you may face ruby command not found issue.

To overcome this I created user build system.

Click Tools | Build System | New Build System.

Copy following text:

	"cmd": ["/home/snake/.rbenv/shims/ruby",  "$file"],
 	"file_regex": "^(...*?):([0-9]*):?([0-9]*)",
    "selector": "source.ruby"

Here is description of values (full doc):

  • cmd: Array containing the command to run and its desired arguments.

  • file_regex: Regular expression to capture error output of cmd.

  • selector: Used when Tools | Build System | Automatic is set to true. Sublime Text uses this scope selector to find the appropriate build system for the active view.

Replace cmd string with your correct path to ruby. To make it quicker run it in console:

which ruby

Save file with name like my_ruby.sublime-build. my_ruby name will appear among build system names. Enjoy!

###Update if you observe .fuse_hidden* files at sidebar and it annoys you you can easily hide them. Open Settings-user file and this string:

	"file_exclude_patterns": [".fuse_hidde*"]